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Sláðu inn vörunúmer eða leitarorð til að finna tæknigögn, tæknilýsingar og CAD-teikningar af viðkomandi vöru.

Leiðandi í fráveitubúnaði

Fyrirtækið KESSEL AG var stofnað árið 1963 og er með höfuðstöðvar sínar í Lenting í Þýskalandi. Það hefur markað sér leiðandi stöðu í þróun, framleiðslu og sölu fráveitubúnaðar í hæsta gæðaflokki. Við erum með meira en 500 starfsmenn og söluaðila í yfir 50 löndum um allan heim og erum stolt af því að vera „Made in Germany“ og „Made by KESSEL“.

Leiðandi í fráveitubúnaði“ stendur fyrir framsæknar vörur í hæsta gæðaflokki á sviði flóðavarna, skólpfráveitu og skólphreinsunar. Kynntu þér vöruúrvalið frá KESSEL.

KESSEL up-date concerning COVID-19

We are open for business!

Dear valued customers and partners,

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently dominating world events. Very noticeable during these times is that we can depend on our loyal and understanding business partners, this makes us proud. On this note, thank you very much. We are also facing new challenges and making daily changes based on developments to best protect the health of our fellow people. In order to protect our employees and still guarantee the availability of our goods, the follow precautions have been taken:

Precautions taken:

  • We are fully following the recommendations of the German Health Department as well as those from the Robert-Koch-Institute (RKI).
  • At our headquarters in Lenting, Germany as well as our national and international branch offices, we are kindly not receiving any visitors until further notice.
  • KESSEL Export office sales and customer support staff are in the office or working from mobile ‚offices‘ and are reachable as usual via email or telephone.
  • Sales staff of our partners in your country and around the world are also available via telephone and will be responding to emails as usual.
  • All events at the KESSEL Customer Forum in Germany have been cancelled until further notice.  
  • An internal Task Force at KESSEL is following the situation and will make any decisions or take any necessary measures – updates will be shown at this website.

Product availability / deliveries

Currently production is running and our shipping department is fully open. Due to the depth of our supplied parts and stock, we expect to retain a high level of deliverability over the next several weeks.

There remains a possibility that individual products may not be available at short notice. If this occurs, we will produce this part as quickly as possible or to offer an alternative product.

We are in permanent contact with our suppliers. If supply restrictions arise, we will immediately inform you. During this unusual situation, KESSEL will do everything in our power to provide you with the top level products and services that you are used to.

Please take care of yourself, your family and your friends. We wish you all the best.


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